Master Dariusz Bergier continues his family tradition, his grandfather was a furniture maker and a carpenter in the early 1900’s.

After finishing a sculpting school, Master Bergier started to work at The Polish Studios for Conservation of Cultural Property where he worked on renovation and conservation of the most prestigious architectural monuments and handicraft in Poland.

About Us

Master Bergier established his own company in 1993. The company worked closely with the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk on projects involving conservation of sculptures, woodcarvings and stone sculptures. From the late 90’s the main focus was furniture renovation and reconstruction of historical furniture. Pieces from Master Bergier’s workshop are certificated by the Polish National Association of Craftsmen.

Over the years we received many awards and prizes including the award for the "Best Home Accessory" at The Interiors Awards in Birmingham.

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In 2011 Master Bergier’s company was selected to make several pieces of furniture for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Master Bergier also made a cradle inspired by Gothic cathedrals of England and France - a gift for the successor to the throne of Great Britain, the first child of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. 

Over the years the company grew and evolved but kept its true passion for premium quality products, made with the finest craftsmanship.

We have been handcrafting our products since 1993 using both traditional and modern methods to create the finest possible pieces. Every step in the process, from the drawing, through selection of materials to the final finish takes place in the Bergier Art  workshop. No piece leaves the workshop until every detail has been addressed, and our  highest standards of workmanship have been met. Our pieces are of the highest quality and made with the finest craftmanship. Over the years we have completed a number of versatile designs including various complex custom-made projects.

What We Do

We work closely with architects, designers, museums and other institutions as well as individual clients to handcraft the highest quality custom-made designs. 


Some or our recent completed projects include:

  • Handcrafting a set of furniture for a Royal Wedding;

  • Handcrafting a set of furniture for a Castle in Bavaria;

  • Handcrafting an interior of a Museum;

  • Renovation of an altar;

  • Reconstruction of historical furniture from various ages.


Our team of craftsmen can also make exact replicas of any modern and historical furniture. 

For a client who owns a single antique chair we can make an entire set of exact replicas. Using our knowledge and aging techniques we can create matching tables, cabinets, frames etc. 

So far our imagination and skills seem to have no limits.

Special Projects

We have a passion for antiques. We love working on antique pieces, giving them a new life. 

Our craftsmanship and years of experience gives us confidence for working on the most difficult tasks, using complicated often forgotten techniques. 


Marquetery, inlay, carvings, gilding, upholstery, polishing, we can do it all.

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