Medieval style Refectory Table

Medieval style Refectory Table


This Medieval Style Refectory Table was bought at an auction from a Chateau in France. It was made in the 19th century.

Stunning oak wood table inspired by medieval refectories.
Although large and imposing, its design gives it lightness and elegance.

Simple at first sight, it presents subtle, elaborate details that make it interesting and eye-catching.

The table top is made of three pieces of massive oak and is a delight of natural wood texture and tree rings design.
The top hides a mysterious storage recess.

Matches with various interior styles, from rustic, candle-lit spaces to extravagant modern designs. This piece will add warmth and ambiance to any interior.

The table has an unique construction, using only 4 wooden pegs and 2 wedges it can be disassembled and put together within seconds.

Amazing piece of furniture.

Height: 72 cm Width: 250 cm Depth: 80 cm
Materials and Techniques:
Oak / Wax Finish

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